Telephone Answering Services by Simply!

Take a close look at the range of services we can offer and decide for yourself which will have the maximum impact on your business.


Telephone Answering Service

This is our lowest priced Telephone Answering Service package and perfect for a business on a limited budget. But simply because the cost is low it doesn’t mean that the service isn’t high.

You won’t find many telephone answering services without a minimum contract and yet that offers on going support from a personal account manager.

You will also receive a custom phone number, which could simply be a divert number, a new number to give the impression of a new or different location, or an 0800 number if you are looking to attract the maximum amount of interest.

Setup time for our service is also minimal so it is a quick and seamless transition. You will be up and running within the hour if you decide to choose this option.

Is only 77p per call

UK based operators

Answers calls within 7 seconds

Minimum usage of only £7.70 /M (10 calls)

Available 7 days a week, all year

Trained operators with excellent telephone manner

7 days notice cancellation

Free instant email message delivery

Telephone Answering Service

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Telephone answering service

Simply Flexible Telephone Answering Service

This is our mid-range package and offers an answering service which we will tailor to your needs. You provide us with the script with which to handle your calls and our agents will follow accordingly.

We will take all of the details of the caller, including such details as where they heard about your company. We also offer various price packages such as cost per call or per second, but again, this is a flexible call answering service package and we will customise both the package and price according to your needs.

Setup time is also minimal so it is a quick and seamless transition. You will be up and running within the hour if you decide to choose this option.

Per call or per second billing options.

Total flexibility to suit your business needs

Answers calls within 7 seconds

Tailored call handling bundles

Variety of number types to suit your requirements

7 days notice cancellation

Sign up for a 7 day no obligation trial

Customise Our Services Based On Your Requirements

Our telephone answering service can help you with media campaigns telephone answering, disaster recovery, diary management services, virtual assistants and order tracking service. You will be presented with a phone number, which you can promote through any platform you wish. Or you can simply use it to divert your calls.


When we see an incoming call being delivered to our system from your number, we will instantly see a dedicated script appear on our telephone screen, which we will use to greet your caller before asking for any information you have specified to us.

Access Your Messages Any Where Any Time

Your messages are delivered to you by email or text immediately after the call has ended. With the flexi-package, you may have calls forward to you and have the option to take or refuse the call.

Each one of our calls are answered here in the UK. Our call centre calls are never outsourced abroad, which means that language barriers will not be an issue for your callers.