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We are more than happy to answer any other questions you may have so don’t hesitate to give us a call on: 0845 468 4786 or email us at: and we will address your query as soon as possible.

How does your service work?

You will be presented with a phone number, which you can promote through any platform you wish. Or you can simply use it to divert your calls.

When we see an incoming call being delivered to your no., we will instantly see a dedicated script appear on our telephone screen, which we will use to greet your caller before asking for any information you have specified to us.

What is the minimum amount of calls/cost required to use your service?

For 777 Virtual Assistants package, we require minimum usage of only £7.70/month (10 calls) to cover rental of your number, along with any administration costs.

If you choose the Flexi package, the minimum spend per month depends on which service you use. In general, however, it must be at least £22.

What if I don't have a phone number for my business?

Don’t worry, we can assign a phone number to you to use as you please. You can choose from various options, including 0800 freephone numbers and an area code of your choice.

How does call diversion work?

Call diversion is a simple and immediate process. You just type a number into your phone, ether landline or mobile. Then follow the instructions. Each provider will have a different procedure so you will need to contact them for full details.

Your Account Manager will be on hand to help if you require further assistance.

You can choose to have calls diverted when you have finished work, in a meeting, or on holiday. You may also choose to divert calls when your line is engaged and/or after a set number of rings, which ensures that you will have a chance to reply to every single call.

How can I access my messages?

Your messages are delivered to you by email or text immediately after the call has ended. With the flexi-package, you may have calls forward to you and have the option to take or refuse the call.

Is there any small print that I should be aware of?

VAT must be added to all of our prices and invoices are required to be paid within a 14 day period.

Within which hours do you offer your service?

We are available to answer your call every hour of every day, which means that you will have access to every single enquiry made to your business, whether you are present or not.

Where will my calls be answered?

Each one of our calls are answered here in the UK. Our call centre calls are never outsourced abroad, which means that language barriers will not be an issue for your callers.

Do you have a notice period should I wish to cancel?

We simply require 30 days notice for the flex-package and 7 days for the 777 service. However, we hope to provide you with such a high quality service that you will never need to activate this option.

Can I keep my number if I leave your service?

Absolutely. If we have given you a landline or virtual number, we will cease the call handling service and transfer the number to our numbers platform. You would still own the number and route it to a UK landline number of your choice. DDI numbers, however, will not be under your ownership should you cancel, and we would maintain the rights to that number.

How do I register for your service?

This may be one of the easiest things you ever do. It takes just a few short minutes on your part and your service will be activated within just a couple of hours. Simply call us on: to allow us to assist you in choosing the right package for you. The flexi-package can be activated within just 24 hours.

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