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We take care of your calls so you can take care of your business

If you want your business to grow, it needs to be available to answer the call of potential customers at all times.

Our call answering service is tailored to your needs and the way you and your business runs. If you have personal time planned such as engaging in activities with your family, or business meetings to attend, your call can still be answered by your virtual assistant so that you can continue doing what you’re doing without worrying about the prospect of losing business.

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Flexible 24/7 call answering service

By employing a call answering service in your business, you are giving yourself the freedom to work where and when you want, free of worry about missing that all-important call.

We are committed to providing a workable and simple solution to businesses that wish to extend their reach to potential customers.

24/7 call answering service

We offer a service to essentially take your place when you are out of the office, whether it be due to a business meeting or any other reason. We take on the role of your very own secretary, giving an in-house appearance. We simply answer your calls, which are diverted to us. That way, no customer enquiry will go unanswered. We are available every day and at all times to provide you with a full-time answering service.

Extra time

A service that is perfect for the busy person who is constantly on the move. If that sounds like you and if a holiday, an emergency, or an out of office hours service would give you peace of mind when your are unavailable to take care of business calls, this just may be the ideal solution. We offer an all day, every day service where customers are given the highest level of attention, no matter when they choose to call.

We do it all

When you are unavailable to take a call, you are unable to quantify how much potential business you are missing out on. When you divert your phone line to a professional call answering service, however, you are able to provide a level of customer service like never before. We are here for you whenever you need us and if that means 24 hours a day, that is fine by us. With a setup that as simple as 1-2-3, the transition could not be easier.